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Looking for a career with ACT NETWORK?

The African conservation Tillage Network (ACT) has built a high performance professional team which works with the network stakeholders towards attainment organizational objectives. Opportunities to be part of this team are open to all in line with ACT policies.

Qualification & Criteria

  • ACT is particularly interested in candidates with expertise, experience or interest in conservation agriculture.
  • Applicants should either be recent graduates or students in a recognized university or graduate school programme and have completed at the very least two years of undergraduate studies in a field relevant to the work of ACT
  • All volunteers and interns would need to demonstrate that they are fluent in written and spoken English, French, and or local national languages and be computer literate.
    Interns would preferably bring their own laptops.

We've posted a selection of vacancies under each category. For details on engagement opportunities please visit the links below:


Terms of reference

Consultancy for e- Platform and application developer

1.0 Introduction

The African Conservation Tillage Network (ACT) is a pan-African membership organization bringing together stakeholders and players interested and committed to enhancing the development and adoption of Conservation Agriculture (CA) in Africa through sharing knowledge and information.

ACT’s mandate is driven by the conviction that widespread adoption of conservation agriculture will contribute significantly to the attainment of both agricultural and environmental objectives-empowering farmers and rural communities to manage their resources, sustaining the resilience at the same time achieving viable production systems. In this way, ACT aims to contribute to placing at the disposal development partners and governments farming practices that will not only bring agriculture back in the driving seat for economic and rural development, but also address the immediate concerns of food insecurity and poverty. To learn more about ACT, please visit our website at www.act-africa.org

2.0 The purpose

The main objective of this consultancy is to develop:

a) A web and mobile based e- platform that supports knowledge management (dissemination and query) as well as a Monitoring & Evaluation function. The consultant will:

� Develop the e- platform that provides a User Interface (UI) that will give a comprehensive screenshot of the various activities in a given country and link all related documents, reports, project tools, photos, videos and any other resources to their respective activities.

� Create a data capture process that will allow collection, collation and aggregation of data. Integrating the different CA data bases ( Q & A, KM and M & E)

� Develop a reporting system that will allow reports from field officers to be collated, filtered, searched, customized and exported to appropriate file formats for analysis, printing and/or archiving.

� Train ACT staff in the use and maintenance of the platform

� Provide after service support for an agreed period

b) CA application available for mobile and web download

3.0 Deliverables and timeframe

Under direct supervision of the Knowledge & Information Management Manager, the consultant will be expected to deliver the following by 30th September 2015:

  • A fully functional e- platform with a centralized databases (CA information, farmers, suppliers, and other key stakeholders with key name, gender, commodity, location, occupation and phone number details)
  • A web-based mobile Monitoring and Evaluation system imbedded within the e-platform
  • CA application available for web and mobile download
  • A user and training manual
  • Trained and support staff in the use of the platform
  • Remote support on deployment of platform

4.0 Competencies

The ideal candidate should have:

  • Demonstrated experience in the following: content management systems; language, libraries such as PHP , Backbone, Django framework, Javascript, JQuery, MVC Frameworks, or Restful API Design
  • Highly experienced in USSD & SMS development
  • Experience in mobile-based application development (Android ) and data collection tools such as Open Data Kit
  • Demonstrated hands on programming experience combined with cross-functional collaboration skills.
  • Demonstrated experience in SMS gateway development, integration (via API) and support.
  • Have published at least one original Android app
  • Experience in Geographic Information systems and mapping
  • Experience working with remote data via REST and JSON
  • Experience with third-party libraries and APIs
  • Working knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies
  • Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle’
  • Good written and spoken English and fluent in Kiswahili.

5.0 Qualification

A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Informatics, Engineering, or related field is required and a minimum of 5 years’ experience in software development. A Master’s degree will be an added advantage. A current CV of the applicant should be attached.

6. 0 Evaluation criteria

The Proposal for this contract will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Completeness in complying with all elements laid out in the assignment
  • Consultant’s capacity, past performance and relevant services undertaken
  • Years of experience in delivering similar contracts
  • Strong familiarity with scope of work
  • Quality of technical proposal
  • Methodological approach
  • Work plan
  • Budget

7.0 Clarifications

Any questions or clarifications should be only via email address: hr@act-africa.org received by 10th August 2015.

8.0 Application procedure:

To apply for this consultancy, the consultant should submit the following:

  • A technical and financial proposal for undertaking the assignment.
  • Current Curriculum Vitae/ resume of the consultant who will undertake the task
  • Firm profile, registration and other relevant statutory documents (if a company)
  • Submit three reference letters from past clients/employers

All interested consultants or consultancy companies are asked to submit their proposals by close of business 14th August 2015 at 1700 Hours EAT to the Executive Secretary, ACT, and email address: hr@act-africa.org

Download TOR

ACT is an equal opportunity employer and believes that diversity promotes excellence in its operations. Only the short listed candidates will be contacted. ACT reserves the right to determine the structure of the tender process without prior notice and liability to compensate any party.

Conservation Agriculture Technical Officer, Kenya

Position Title: Conservation Agriculture Technical Officer

Responsible to: Conservation Agriculture Program Coordinator

Status: Term, 1–5 years

Location: Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa

Host Agency: Mennonite Central Committee

Position Summary:

This position emerges within a five year Conservation Agriculture (CA) program in East Africa funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) of Canada. The program will focus on coordination and information sharing among Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) members and local organizations implementing CA programming using DFATD funding through CFGB. Increased coordination has the potential to vastly improve the food security outcomes of CA programming. The CA Technical Officer (CATO) will focus on working with members and partners in Kenya to improve technical support and capacity in Conservation Agriculture. The officer will give CA technical support to CFGB members and their implementing partners (local development organizations) in Kenya. In collaboration with the regional CA Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, the CATO will closely monitor the collection and analysis of monitoring and evaluation data collected by partners to understand the overall progress in reaching project outcomes. The officer will coordinate with national, regional, and global organizations promoting CA for sharing experiences and learning and to advance the CFGB network’s interests and visibility in Kenya.

Assignment Narrative:

This program aims to build on the CFGB network’s experience with CA, enhance learning from others involved in researching and promoting CA, and increase capacity to scale up CA programming through the CFGB network by positioning three CA technical experts (Technical Officers) in East Africa to serve the CFGB network. The Kenya CATO will be hired by Mennonite Central Committee and seconded to the DFATD CFGB CA program. Operational direction will be provided by the East Africa based Program Coordinator. The technical officers will be expected to work within a large geographic area and will be located in strategic centers within each country. These strategic centers will provide excellent networking opportunities with regional CA networks such as the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), government ministries, research organizations, CFGB member partners and CA training institutions. The Kenya CATO will be based in Nairobi.

Job Duties:

  1. Participate in needs and opportunities assessments for each partner in project start-up phase.
  2. Organize and lead CA training programs for member and partner staff. Follow up after training to monitor progress.
  3. At the request of members and their partners, assist partners in the design of CA programs (monitoring and evaluation, extension approach, budgeting, general proposal development).
  4. Strengthen the information sharing, exchanges and networking between CFGB staff, members, partners and regional CA networks such as FAO, Regional and National CA Task Forces, ACT Network.
5. Engage with multiple stakeholders, including, but not limited to, the Country-level CA Advisory Committee and Kenya CA Hub.

6. Develop, or co-develop with others, CA materials which will assist in strengthening the CA programming capacity of the network.

7. At the request of members and their partners, conduct regular field visits to implementing partners to ensure that the CA projects are implemented according to identified principles and standards of CA technology. Propose managerial actions to the CFGB member when necessary to improve implementation. Submit written reports to CFGB members and their partners and CFGB CA Program staff following all field visits.

8. Represent the CFGB network at CA-related meetings, conferences, and workshops.

9. Contribute to the CFGB network’s organizational learning through publications and participation in relevant workshops.

10. Participate in CA evaluations when requested and appropriate.

11. Attend CA project team meetings on a regular basis.

12. Model harmony and peacebuilding in the workplace and community through respectful interactions with others.

13. Attend Mennonite Central Committee meetings and events as appropriate, including team meetings and retreats.

14. Attend a local church.

15. Other duties as required.


  1. This is a new position and will require substantial initiative on the part of the CATO to define the scope of work and to build relationships.
  2. Program goals, including CA adoption by 50,000 farmers in the region over 5 years, are ambitious and will stretch staff to capacity.
  3. Effective communication with both African partners and North American CFGB members will be critical and challenging.
  4. Substantial travel will be involved, up to 50%.

Education requirement:

Bachelor’s Degree or higher in agriculture or related field

Essential qualifications:

1. Mature Christian committed to serving Jesus Christ

2. A minimum of five years’ experience in providing agriculture extension and technical advising, preferably to small-holder farmers.

3. Strong background and experience in managing and coordinating agricultural development projects.

4. Demonstrated technical knowledge of conservation agriculture and green manure cover crops.

5. Experience in working with Ministry of Agriculture staff.

6. Experience in program monitoring and evaluation including designing and implementing surveys and data analysis

7. Experience in working with and through partners and in motivating and developing the skills of others.

8. Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills.

9. Sound knowledge of, and interest in, information and communications technology, including the use of spreadsheets for monitoring and surveys.

10. Analytical and problem solving skills.

11. Ability to work both as part of a team and independently.

12. Proven track record in report writing.

13. Training, facilitation, and presentation skills.

14. Capacity to manage a program budget.

15. Demonstrated commitment to promote a positive work environment and respectful relationships that value diversity and equality.

16. Understanding and commitment to Mennonite Central Committee and CFGB’s vision, mission, goals and objectives.

Language requirement:

1. Fluency (written and spoken) in English and Swahili.


1. Previous experience with results based management and livelihoods framework analysis.

2. Previous experience working with CFGB funded programming.

3. Experience in influencing government policy.

4. Economic analysis experience.

5. Research experience, including publication in agricultural and development journals.

6. Experience working with government funded programs.

Interested persons should send a letter of intent and curriculum vitae to the MCC Representative for Kenya at the following email address: MennoniteBoardinEA@gmail.com before 5 p.m. EAT on 13 August 2015.

Conservation Agriculture (CA) Monitoring and Evaluation Officer – Job Description

Responsible to: CA Program/Technical Coordinator

Supervises: Not Applicable

Status: Term – 5 years

Location: East Africa Drafted: May 2015

Position Summary:

The CA Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer is responsible for the coordination of all Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation activities for the East African based CA program.The Officer will seek to increase the ability of the partners of the CA members to mentor and build their organizational capacity through developmental Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (PMER) aspects as well as assisting the CFGB Members in tasks related to PMER.

The CA M&E Officer is hired by Mennonite Central Committee; handed over by MOU to the CA Program; and reports to the CA Program/Technical Coordinator.

The CA M&E Officer will provide leadership and coordination to the monitoring and evaluation function in the East Africa CA programme area. Specifically, the Officer will relate to Projects with CA components in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Kenya. Responsibilities will include: providing technical assistance primarily to the implementing partners and secondarily to the CFGB members in results-based planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting; preparing reports on program results; initiating and overseeing evaluations; preparing summaries of evaluation findings and lessons learned and developing related guidelines to strengthen programming; and disseminating technical knowledge and materials through the EA CA network.

This position is based in East Africa. Frequent regional travel, including rural travel with limited amenities, and occasional international travel will be required.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Project Design, Monitoring and Evaluation

a. Support development/adaptation of tools and processes throughout the project cycle management, from planning to evaluation.

b. Support review and recommendation of submitted project proposals.

  1. Compile and monitor key performance indicators of all projects/programmes
  2. Monitor deadlines and ensure that reporting requirements (frequency, quality, capacity and timeliness) for all current project activities have been planned, agreed upon, and reported on with partners.

2. Program Management and Quality Assurance

a. Visit partner organizations and their projects to understand their work better and monitor progress of project(s).

  1. Review project reports for quality and ensure that reports and other project documents capture progress, effectiveness, and impact of programs.
  2. Input and manage relevant project information into mutually agreed CA Program data base(s); Enter data for all partner plans, reports, budgets, MOUs, and documentation—particularly during two reporting/planning periods each year—into the database(s).
  3. Support development and follow-up actions on strategies, programming framework, policies, standards, guidelines, and other tools required throughout project cycle management for CA projects.
3. Contribution to Learning

a. Assess current capacity of CA Program partners in organizational management, project planning, monitoring, reporting and evaluation (PMER)

  1. Increase the PMER and organizational development capacity of partner staff through training, workshops and other capacity building initiatives; Plan and facilitate PMER trainings or workshops for partners.
  2. Facilitate the dissemination of information on lessons learnt in programme areas and effective knowledge sharing between partners and CFGB Members.
  3. Time permitting and as a secondary responsibility increase the PME capacity of other CFGB member partners with CA programming through training, workshops and other capacity building initiatives.

4. Building external relationships to enhance program implementation

  1. Develop contacts and relationship with relevant external agencies including local governmental, community-based and NGO entities to enhance program implementation and sustainability.
  2. Lead and/or direct representation at relevant functions and for in order to promote the identity of the program.
5. Capacity Development

a. Lead activities to strengthen the technical capacity of the Foodgrains Bank network in CA Monitoring and Evaluation.

6. Networking
  1. Contribute to building and strengthening local, regional and international networks to further the adoption of CA M&E practice
7. Other Duties as Required

Any other items as required by the CA Program/Technical Coordinator


- An undergraduate university degree related directly or indirectly to Planning, Monitoring, and/or Evaluation, especially in agricultural fields

- Demonstrated technical knowledge of Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting (PMER) tools especially in agriculture

- Experience in development programming in an international context

- Training and/or experience in results-based management principles, tools and techniques.

- Demonstrated experience in project development and proposal writing;

- Minimum of 3 years of related work experience with demonstrated skills in technical support and PMER for development programmes preferably in Agriculture and capacity building.

- Ability to organize and facilitate learning activities, such as workshops, training, etc.

- Demonstrated success in supporting organizational learning, accountability and performance.

- Good knowledge and previous experience in gender mainstreaming

- Experience in working with database reporting and project management.

- Ability to travel frequently, including in rural areas with limited amenities, for extended periods of time, within Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and wider East Africa.

- Experience working with Community Based Organizations (CBOs), mainly at grass roots level including CB Research.

- Familiar with working in rural areas with focus on participatory processes.

- Ability to understand and communicate across cultural and linguistic boundaries.

- Excellent relational and diplomatic skills that allow engagement with all sectors of society.

- Strong organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills.

- Demonstrated team collaboration skills

- Strong written and oral communication skills

- Excellent command of English


- Experience working with grass root organizations and/or social movements;

- Good working knowledge of Conservation Agriculture programming

- Training and/or experience in agricultural outcome measurement

- Experience working with government funded programs

- Swahili or Amharic language skills

Interested persons should send a letter of intent and curriculum vitae to the MCC Representative for Kenya at the following email address MennoniteBoardinEA@gmail.com before 5 p.m. EAT on 11 August 2015.

World Renew, an agency of the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA), has a full time opening for a Program Coordinator, Conservation Agriculture Program in East Africa, based in Kenya. The position is responsible for the effective implementation of the program components, including technical support and coordination, of a five year Conservation Agriculture program in East Africa funded by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD).

The Conservation Agriculture (CA) Program Coordinator is based in Nairobi, Kenya. The CA Program Coordinator will work together with members (and, as requested, member partners) and other organizations partnering with the CA program to ensure the delivery of a high quality CA program.

Position Title: Program Coordinator, Conservation Agriculture Program
Department: East Africa Ministry Team
Reports to: Country Consultant (Director), Kenya
Operational Accountability: Program Manager, Canadian Foodgrains Bank (Winnipeg)
Status: 100% FTE exempt
Salary Level: 14

Job Description (PDF)
Deadline: July 10th, 2015

To apply, please visit the CRCNA Job Board and follow all application instructions.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Program Consultation: Capacity Development
    Working closely with the members participating in the CA Program, the CA Program Coordinator will coordinate activities to strengthen the technical capacity of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank network in conservation agriculture programming. This will include:

    a. Working with the CA Technical Officers and CA Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (M&E) to assess the technical and monitoring capacity of implementing members and partners, identifying technical needs and looking for ways to address those needs

    b. Organizing regional and network-wide technical capacity development events and activities

    c. In collaboration with the CA M&E Officer, developing mechanisms for capturing learnings and for disseminating these learnings to the network

  2. Field Activities: Program Management
    The CA Program Coordinator will provide regional and in-country leadership to the CA Program in East Africa. This will include:

    a. Providing Staff Coordination to a team of four employees consisting of three CA Technical Officers (one each in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania), and one Administrative Assistant (based in the regional office). This will include approving their work plans, providing regular feedback and an annual performance review, as well as ongoing coaching and mentoring

    b. Team Building & Development – The CA Program Coordinator will ensure the development and functioning of the staff team, including: Scheduling and leading regular staff meetings, identifying appropriate team capacity development activities and serving as a liaison point between team members and the CA Program Manager to ensure clear communication

    c. Financial Management - The CA Program Coordinator will be responsible for:
    - Administering the regional and in-country program budgets for technical services as
    approved by the CA Program Manager
    - Monitoring regional and in-country program expenditures

    d. Planning and Reporting – The CA Program Coordinator will be responsible for:
    - Monitoring and collaborating with the implementation of sub-contracted activities
    - Writing regular reports (e.g. Activity Reports, Conference Summaries etc.)
    - Developing an Annual Program Work Plan
    - Disseminating written reports after training events, major policy initiatives, conferences, etc.
    - Producing other written communication, as requested

  3. Networking and Policy Support
    The CA Program Coordinator will contribute to building and strengthening local, regional and international networks to further the adoption of CA practice. This will include:

    a. Ensuring appropriate local govt. offices in the DFATD funded CA Scale-up areas in East Africa program are regularly consulted and fully informed of program activities

    b. Engaging relevant stakeholders, such as African Conservation Tillage Network, World Agro-Forestry Centre, FAO and research institutions, to share information and build a base of collaboration within the region

    c. Working closely to support the Ethiopian, Kenyan, and Tanzanian Conservation Agriculture Advisory Committees and engaging these committees in determining program priorities

    d. Organizing and hosting visitors and sub-contractors to the program including managing the logistics for delegations, external researchers and evaluators

    e. Representing the CFGB network and its collective expertise at conferences and forums, and ensuring learnings from these forums are disseminated throughout the Foodgrains Bank network

    f. Aiding in the implementation of country level policy activities

  4. Other Duties as Required

Supervisory Responsibilities
This position will provide direction and supervisory support to four positions in the region. Additionally, the position will have directive authority over sub-contracted partners but will not have direct power or authority to force change across the whole program. Influence will depend on an ability to build trust cross-culturally & cross-organizationally.


  • Mature Christian committed to serving Jesus Christ

  • Demonstrated commitment to promote a positive work environment and respectful relationships that value diversity and equality

  • Committed to working towards gender equality in all aspects of our programming, plans, policies and organizational structure

  • Experience in development programming in an international context

  • Demonstrated ability to help organizations improve relationships with multiple stakeholders

  • Demonstrated ability to help organizations coordinate their work and build collaboration

  • Experience with networks and complex program management

  • Demonstrated program coordination skills and ability, including financial management

  • Demonstrated team management skills: able to develop team skills in others

  • Excellent command of English with strong written and oral communication skills

  • Proactive and able to work with minimal supervision

  • Experience working with government funded programs (DFATD desirable)

  • Willing and able to develop language competence

Education and/or Experience

  1. Master’s degree in a related field with demonstrated knowledge of conservation agriculture

  2. Minimum of 8 years of cross-cultural experience

  3. Minimum of 8 years of community development or organizational consultation experience

Language Skills
Fluency in English, with strong writing skills, is essential. Swahili and/or Amharic would be desirable

Physical Demands
The position will require frequent and extensive travel in East Africa, including to remote locations. This will result in an increased exposure to illness. There will also be occasional international travel outside of East Africa. The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Additional Information
The CA Program Coordinator is hired by World Renew but works on behalf of the CFGB Network to ensure the successful implementation of the CA program in East Africa. To facilitate this, the position will receive direction from the CA Program Manager, based in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank Winnipeg, MB, Canada office.

African Conservation Tillage Network


Position: Strategy and Policy Adviser
Duty Station: ACT Nairobi Head Office
ACT Purpose:

The African Conservation Tillage Network (ACT) is a vibrant pan-African organization promoting adaptation and adoption of conservation agriculture in Africa. The organization’s head office is based in Nairobi, Kenya and regional offices are located in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and Harare, Zimbabwe. The main thrust of the organization is knowledge and information management on conservation agriculture and sustainable land management. Further information about the ACT is available at: www.act-africa.org.

Job Purpose:

The purpose of the position is to develop policy measures that lead to (a) directing investment in support of ACT’s strategic objectives, (b) economic measures that change relative prices and create incentives for desired behaviour, (c) institutional measures including regulations that create opportunities for investors in natural resources management.

Reports to:

The Strategy and Policy Advisor (SPA) will work under the direct supervision of the ACT Executive Secretary in close liaison with the ACT sub-regional Co-ordinators and Managers, and be mentored by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) Public Policy department.

Duty Statement:

The Strategy and Policy Advisor will manage specific policy portfolios under the ACT -Foodgrains Bank Partnership arrangement. Specifics include:

  • Research – Conduct and monitor research on various public policies affecting food and hunger issues;
  • Propose Policy Changes - Develop proposed changes to public policies, along with the supporting rationale and background research;
  • Policy Briefs – Work closely with programme staff to prepare written public policy briefs and publications for internal and external audiences;
  • Influence – Persuade decision-makers to take action necessary for improving hunger-related public policies;
  • Networking – Work together with the staff of ACT, Foodgrains Bank, member agencies, other Canadian NGOs, government officials and international contacts to research, share information about, and influence hunger-related public policies.
  • Diplomacy – represent the ACT and Foodgrains Bank and its mission with integrity in local, national and international settings
  • Dissemination – working with media houses, researchers and program staff, disseminate CA stories to the media that feature positive messaging around conservation agriculture use by smallholder farmers in Africa;
  • Coalition work – Lead and/or contribute to coalitions of organizations that work on hunger-related issues
  • As appropriate, provide support to the Executive Secretary on any other duties relating to the Network’s policy and advocacy.


    1. In-person meetings, round tables, workshops and learning events with program and partner staff , agricultural officials & ministerial staff.

    2. Visits to key government staff and decision-makers in focus areas to see CA programming.

    3. Timely, well-informed advice on current and emerging policy discussions.

    4. Timely, high-quality written policy documents and recommendations.

    5. Effective consultation and communication with other Network staff, the ACT Secretariat, consultants and relevant external stakeholders including individuals and agencies.

    6. Effective representation of the Network and its interests.

    7. Effective administrative processes relating to the Network’s policy and advocacy work.

    Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrated agriculture related policy experience including relevant tertiary qualifications and experience in agriculture-related policy and research.
  • Demonstrated experience in stakeholder engagement and relationship management including the ability to plan, identify and liaise with relevant internal and external stakeholders to inform policy development.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work across a broad range of groups, including members, rural networks and stakeholders in government and non-government agencies.
  • Well-developed analytical skills including the ability to assess and critically evaluate the validity of information and research and prepare policy briefs and background analyses based on consultations, published data and research.
  • Excellent writing skills and demonstrated ability to write reports, project proposals, submissions, newsletters, meeting papers/minutes.
  • Ability to initiate and manage projects, develop implementation strategies, meet deadlines and manage competing priorities within a small team environment.
  • Interest in and understanding of issues that relate to conservation agriculture and wellbeing of people who live in rural and remote Africa.
  • Familiarity with the evolving policy discourse surrounding traditional farming methods and practices and relevant interventions that are designed to effect change and improvements to the traditional approach.
  • Knowledge of political and legislative processes.
  • Knowledge of and networks in the conservation agriculture and sustainable development sectors.
  • PhD or MA with an additional five years of relevant work experience in social sciences, agricultural and environmental sciences, law or public policy or public administration
  • A minimum of 10 years of work experience in governance and legal policy environment
  • Fluent in English; knowledge of French will be an additional advantage
    Terms and Conditions
  • This is an Internationally Recruited position.
  • ACT provides attractive international salary and benefits package and a collegial and gender-sensitive working environment.
  • The appointment is for two years with possibility for renewal
    Application procedure

    To apply for this position, please send your application, by email only, to the Executive Secretary, ACT, email address:hr@act-africa.org. Applications must be accompanied by a cover letter of motivation, date of availability, salary expectation, an up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV) with the names and contacts of three referees in English and must be received not later than 15th July 2015.

    ACT is an equal opportunity employer and believes that staff diversity promotes excellence in its operations

    Only the short listed candidates will be contacted. This position will remain open until filled.

    To learn more about ACT, please visit our website at www.act-africa.org

    home3/actafric/public_html/image/Advertisement for ACT Strategy and Policy Adviser -Final.pdf

  • Volunteering is a great way to participate in skills and knowledge exchange and be a part of ACT Network activities and development. We rely on the valuable support of volunteers with a range of professional skills and experience. Placements are from 3 months up to one year for qualified professionals with at least two years' post qualification experience.

    Current Positions

    Position Open Date Close Date

    ACT provides students from all parts of the world with the opportunity to be part of its operations at the headquarters and sub-regional offices as interns. The internship programs are geared to enable students get practical experience which complements their field of study and creates a better understanding of global issues and cultural diversity. Placements are for 1-3 months for students currently enrolled at a higher learning institution/university or graduates of not more than 12months.

    Current Positions

    Position Open Date Close Date

    For specific projects and contracts ACT Network works with associate consultants. We believe that our consultants are central to our continued success. The reputation of ACT is maintained and strengthened by the experts that work with us on a regular basis. We want to invest in long-term relationships based on mutual trust and commitment.

    Current Positions

    Position Open Date Close Date